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Meet Dr. Woodward

The final surgeon in our video series is Dr. H. Randal Woodward. Dr. Woodward is the Chairman of the Nebraska Spine Hospital Board and a board certified and fellowship train orthopaedic spine surgeon.

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Five Ways Yoga Reduces Back and Neck Pain

For sufferers of low back or neck pain, yoga may be one of the best medicines that can be prescribed. Studies show that people who practice yoga twice a week for 8 weeks make significant gains in strength, flexibility, and endurance. Continue reading

Robin Carlson Nominated for Nursing Achievement Award

Nebraska Spine Hospital is proud to announce the nomination of Robin Carlson, RN, Quality and Compliance Officer for the Nursing Achievement Award from the Alegent Creighton Health Center for Nursing. The award recognizes one nurse in the Alegent Creighton Health system that has made an outstanding contribution to the nursing profession.

Robin has had a positive impact on the practice of nursing over the course of her extensive career in bedside care, leadership, quality, and administration. Robin’s passion for connecting the dots between research and practice has resulted in many improvements in nursing processes and has contributed to positive patient outcomes and improvements in quality of care.

Nebraska Spine Hospital is proud to have Robin on our team and want to say “Thank you” for her continued commitment to Leading the Way in nursing excellence.


Amanda Shelden Recieves Positive Image of Nursing Award

Amanda Shelden Receives Positive Image of Nursing Award

We would like to congratulate Amanda Shelden, MSN MHA RN, for being named the Positive Image of Nursing Award recipient for Nebraska Spine Hospital. Amanda is the Team Lead for Consolidated Nursing at Nebraska Spine Hospital.

The Positive Image of Nursing Award is a recognition and award program facilitated by the Nebraska Nurses Association to commemorate National Nurses Week. Recipients are nominated by their nurse leader based on their commitment and dedication to exemplifying a positive image of nursing.

We are proud to have Amanda on our staff here at Nebraska Spine Hospital. We thank her for her commitment and dedication and congratulate her on her recognition.