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What Are Spinal Injections?

There are several types of spinal injections to be used to either treat a specific spinal condition or for pain management of a condition. These injections are especially helpful in cases of inoperable spinal conditions. The doctors at Nebraska Spine Hospital gather information about a given spinal condition, make a diagnosis and then decide which type of spinal injection, if any, should be used for the treatment of the condition.

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Strong Backs Create Beautiful Gardens

Gardening is a summertime activity that many of us look forward to. Gardening is a great way to spruce up your home, get outside and stay active. In fact, did you know that gardening activities like pulling weeds, trimming and planting can burn 200-400 calories/hour. The downside can be that stiff backs and injuries can happen when we aren’t careful in the garden. Use these easy tips to stay injury-free this summer…

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