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Video: Innovative Technology at Nebraska Spine Hospital -The O-Arm

Dr. Phillips talks about new innovative technology offered at Nebraska Spine Hospital including the O-Arm. For more spine tips and information like us on Facebook –

The spine hospital has been a great addition to our community and to our region. The spine hospital has specialty nurses that make it great. The nursing is spectacular. We have equipment that is spectacular, not found at other hospitals in the region. This equipment includes the O-Arm which is an intraoperative CAT scanner. It’s a machine that can take a CAT scan while the patient is asleep on the operating, and can help us direct screws, remove bone and usual in odd places, remove tumors, and has been a really great addition to what we do at the spine hospital. The spine hospital has equipment that is well-maintained and when you have those things together, you get great outcomes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Watch as Nurse Navigator, Rhonda Burger, answers some of our patient’s frequently asked questions. If you have any more questions, you can visit our Patient Education page on our website. And be sure to subscribe to our newsletter to receive monthly back tips and more!

Dr. Woodward on Hospital Within a Hospital

Dr. Woodward of the Nebraska Spine Hospital talks about our hospital within a hospital. Encompassing 34 acute care beds, six surgical suites and one treatment suite, Nebraska Spine Hospital offers all the benefits of a stand-alone specialty hospital. Yet, its location, within Immanuel Medical Center, provides further assurance for patients with additional medical conditions beyond the spine – eliminating the need for lengthy patient transport by ambulance or helicopter. We invite you to experience the Nebraska Spine Hospital difference!

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How Spinal Stimulators Work

Dr. John Hain of the Nebraska Spine Hospital explains how spinal stimulators work to relieve back pain.
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A spinal stimulator that is a device that is place directly over the spinal cord thats blocks the electrical impulse that the brain interprets as pain from reaching it’s destination. If the pain impulse does not get there, the body does not interpret pain to be present.