Neck Fusion

Neck or cervical fusion may be indicated for those who are unable to find relief from pain from other conservative spine care treatment oprions. For some, their conditions are a gradual process that eventually impacts their ability to do even the most basic tasks because of pain in the neck or arms. For others, it’s more immediate, resulting from an injury, a fall, a bump, or an accident. But the impact can be felt with ongoing pain and difficulty in movement.

Whatever the cause of your pain, our leading spine surgeons at Nebraska Spine Hospital are able to perform a wide range of procedures to alleviate your pain through the use of fusion techniques that remove matter causing pain and insert a bone graft that then “fuses” with the vertebrae to support the spine. Some of these include:

  • Posterior Cervical Fusion – To add stability, surgeons place bone grafts along side the vertebrae and support with metal screws or rods to repair damage from an injury or other conditions.