At Nebraska Spine Hospital, we continue to find ways to use the most advanced technology and specialized to further the capabilities of our physicians. In fact, we have been instrumental in the development of new devices and equipment as well as perfecting new uses for existing technology.

Because we focus only on spine our surgical suites are state of the art and optimized for spine surgery. Our technology and equipment include:

  • O Arm- We have one of two O Arm systems in the region and the only one dedicated to spine. The O Arm imaging system provides real-time, three dimensional surgical imaging to a level of detail that ensures greater precision, improves outcomes, and reduces time in surgery.
  • Banyan- Integrates information from the imaging tools, patient monitoring and other data into a single view, delivered in real-time.  It also allows surgeons to share highly complex procedures with other surgeons, residents and medical professionals who are able to view surgeries from anywhere in the world.
  • Intra-operative Neuromonitoring-  Offers critical insight into the nervous system during spine procedures, allowing surgeons to monitor the location of nerves during surgery with optimal precision to reduce the risk to the patient.
  • Stealth Navigation- Enables surgeons to more precisely view the patient’s spine during surgery, enhancing the accuracy of the navigation of instruments and placement of devices during even the most complex procedure.