Back Pain Free Biking

Tips for Back Pain Free Biking

Low back pain can make it difficult to find a cardiovascular exercise that’s effective. You want to get your heart pumping, but not at the expense of hurting yourself. One great cardio exercise that’s easy on the back is bike riding! Riding a bike doesn’t require a lot of movement from your back.

Here are some quick tips on how to keep your back safe and comfortable during those bike rides:

O-arm Imaging in Spine Surgery

Nebraska Spine Hospital is proud to have the only O-arm system in Nebraska dedicated only to spine. The O-arm imaging system provides real-time, three dimensional surgical imaging with a level of detail that ensures precision hardware placement, resulting in reduced time in surgery and better patient outcomes.

Take look at these videos where Dr.

ALIF anterior lumbar interbodyfusion

ALIF Procedure

ALIF stands for anterior lumbar interbody fusion. The ALIF procedure is performed to remove a large portion of a degenerated disc that is frequently the source of back pain. It is called an anterior procedure because the spine is approached from the front of the body avoiding potential damage to the low back muscles.

How is an ALIF performed?