Degenerative Disc Disease


One of the most common, and most misunderstood diseases of the neck and back would be
degenerative disc disease.  To explain it simply, degenerative disc disease is when pain and
sometimes numbness or weakness stems from a degenerated disc of the spine.  A degenerated
disc is a disc in your back that basically has aged and is weaker than it once was.  

Surgical Readiness for Back Surgery with the CHI Back and Spine Institute

This video explores how patients might be instructed to prepare for a back or spine surgery. Whether they need to lose weight, stop smoking or increase strength, Nebraska Spine Hospital’s Surgical Readiness Program can help get them where they need to be for a successful surgery and recovery.


Angela Mahood has been in pain for a long time.

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How is cervical spine surgery done?

Cervical spine surgery is performed to treat spinal instability and/or spinal cord impingement.  The cervical spine is the seven bones of your neck, which are separated by discs.  The discs allow the neck to move freely, and to absorb shock during activity.  Cervical spine surgery is for patients whose symptoms are beyond physical therapy and medication.