Better Desk Habits for a Better Back

If you work in an office today, it probably means most of your day is consumed looking at your computer responding to emails. Maybe, you get to stroll to the conference room and sit in a meeting for a few hours. You might even have to gather around that futuristic looking speaker phone for a bi-coastal conference call.

Better Sleep for a Better Back

We often don’t have questions about “how to sleep”, but we’ve all wondered how to get better sleep, or perhaps, how to make sleep more productive.  Those 8 hours a night are necessary for your body to rest, refuel and recharge for the next day.  Without a healthy sleep, your memory, productivity, immune system, mood,

Everyday Habits for a Healthier Spine

Everyday Habits that help Prevent Back Injury

 Each morning we have a routine.  It might include starting off with a hot shower or firing up that coffee maker.  Our routines continue throughout the day: we take the same route to work, lunch at noon, favorite TV program at 9:00 and then off to bed.