Technology: A Real Pain in the Neck

Remember the first time you ever heard of someone getting carpal tunnel syndrome?  We’re sure you were surprised to learn how they got it: from typing!  It was a rarely heard-of affliction mostly due to the insurgence of computers into our daily lives.  With new technology, there can often be a learning curve, both in how to effectively use it,

The Pain Cycle

May is Mental Health Awareness Month.  Nearly 44 million American adults experience mental health conditions each year, including depression, anxiety or post-traumatic stress disorder, among others.  If you are a chronic back pain sufferer, you may be one of the 44 million Americans who is also managing depression or anxiety.  There are many theories as to how psychological factors influence back pain,

Anti-Inflammatory Foods

With new research showing pizza may help you lose weight, it’s difficult to think about ever having to eat anything else! However, we know now more than ever that the food you eat can, and will, have a major impact on your physical and emotional health. Dieticians have discovered certain foods can actually cause more harm than good.