Nebraska Spine Hospital focuses only on spine to offer our patients unmatched expertise.

The Nebraska Spine Hospital is proud to be a physician-led spine specialty hospital. As the only Spine Center of Excellence in the region, we are the best at what we do, because it is all we do. Becker’s Hospital Review has repeatedly named Nebraska Spine Hospital as one of the 100 Hospitals & Health Systems with Great Neurosurgery and Spine Programs.

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Language Assistance and Statement of Non-Discrimination

If you do not speak English, free language assistance services are available to you. Call 402-572-3000 or click here to learn more.

Nebraska Spine Hospital does not discriminate. Click here to view our statement on non-discrimination.

Financial Assistance

Financial Assistance Policy – English | Spanish

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Accessibility Statement for Individuals With Disabilities

We are committed to ensuring that our website and mobile applications are accessible to individuals with disabilities. Click here to view our accessibility statement for individuals with disabilities. If you need assistance in using our website or mobile application, or with a document on our website or mobile application, we can help you. Please contact us at 402-572-3000.

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