Your Stay

Before Surgery

Prior to surgery, you will have a variety of preoperative tests, either at your primary care provider’s office. At the preoperative spine class, you will receive special instructions about how to prepare for your procedure, and how to plan for your recovery. During the preoperative spine class at Nebraska Spine Hospital you will have the opportunity to meet with our nurse navigators who will guide you and your family through your spine surgery.

During Your Stay

Spine surgery and a hospital stay is a major event, therefore we want to provide you with as much information as possible to help alleviate your anxieties.

Because spine surgery is all we do, everything about Nebraska Spine Hospital is designed to facilitate the recovery process. Our rooms allow occupational therapists, physical therapists and others to provide care in the room making it easier on the patient and the family members who will aid in recovery after you return home.

Returning Home

We will make sure you have the resources and information you need to continue your recovery after discharge. Our Nurse Navigator and other staff will work with each patient and their families to make a solid plan for reclaiming their quality of life.