Our patient resources include FAQs, a glossary, information about billing, and a variety of helpful information and links.

Spine Class

Please register for a pre-surgery class using the button below. Classes will be held in the CHI Immanuel Conference Center on the north side of the hospital. 

This class is designed to help relieve any anxiety you may be feeling about your upcoming surgery. It will cover information including education about pre- and post-operative activities, what to expect during the hospital stay, pain management, equipment, and how to prepare yourself and your home for post surgery success.

Glossary of Spinal Terms

A list of common terms that you may hear during the diagnosis and treament of your back pain. Always ask your nurse or doctor to explain any term you do not understand.

Patient Bill of Rights

Patient Rights and Responsibilities

The Mission of Nebraska Spine Hospital is to provide high quality care for the body, mind, and spirit of every person we serve. As we carry out our Mission, Nebraska Spine Hospital respects your rights and supports your responsibilities as a patient. In turn, we ask you to respect the rights of other patients and the people who care for you. We also ask you to take responsibility for and play an active role in your care. We will honor your rights and help you with your responsibilities as much as we can, and we will let you know if we cannot because of concerns for your safety or the safety of others, because of special needs related to your medical care, or because of any other legal or ethical reasons. We will let you know if that is the case. Please talk with your doctors and healthcare team if you have questions about your rights and responsibilities.

Patient Responsibilities

Your Responsibilities as a Nebraska Spine Hospital Patient

Pastoral Services

Supporting Your Spiritual Needs

Meeting your spiritual needs through pastoral care, opportunities for prayer and a healing environment is important to us. Nebraska Spine Hospital recognizes the healing benefits that religious and spiritual practices may play in your life. We have chaplains who are uniquely qualified to support you. Should you wish to speak with a chaplain, please contact your nurse.

Billing and Insurance

You will receive a bill from the hospital within approximately 2 months. You may also receive separate bills from your Anesthesiologist, Radiologist, Surgeon, etc. If you have questions about the bills, please call the phone number listed on the bill or the Central Billing Office at 402-572-3000 Option 1.

For information about Nebraska Spine Hospital’s chargemaster please click here.