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Visit Nebraska Spine + Pain Center’s website or call 402.496.0404 to Find a doctor with any of our board certified and fellowship trained Orthopaedic Spine Surgeons.

Expertise Matters

Nebraska Spine Hospital is the only spine specialty hospital in the region. By focusing solely on spine surgery and outpatient procedures our staff has earned a level of expertise that is incomparable. Why? The reason is simple, the more you perform a procedure the better you get at it.

An avalanche of studies have shown that outcomes are better at specialty hospitals with high patient volumes. Since the hospital opened in 2010, our team has performed on average, over 1000 spine surgeries a year, resulting in excellent outcomes including 98th percentile in patient satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.

Find a doctor with one of our surgeons or learn more about them or the procedures they perform and the conditions they treat.

What drives expertise? Focus, experience, practice. When it comes to your spine, expertise matters, and at Nebraska Spine Hospital we are the best at what we do because it is all we do.