NSH Difference

Spine Focus

Every aspect of Nebraska Spine Hospital has been carefully designed and developed to focus exclusively on the diagnosis, treatment and recovery of patients with conditions of the spine. From the facility itself, to the dedicated medical and support staff, to the processes and procedures that adhere to spinal care best practices. Nebraska Spine Hospital is singular in its ability to provide a level of expertise that is simply not available anywhere else in the region.

Co-located Hospital

Our co-located hospital model provides a level of patient safety that is simply not available at any other specialty hospital in the region.

Encompassing 34 acute care beds and six surgical suites, Nebraska Spine Hospital offers all the benefits of a stand-alone specialty hospital. Yet, its location, within Immanuel Medical Center, provides further assurance for patients with additional medical conditions beyond the spine – eliminating the need for lengthy patient transport by ambulance or helicopter.


Patient value can be defined as a balance between quality, expertise and cost. Nebraska Spine Hospital excels in all three areas by specializing only in spine surgery.

Every aspect of Nebraska Spine Hospital is designed to maximize the value for our patients. Our spine only focus creates many opportunities for economies of scale which provide excellent healthcare value. By focusing only on spine we are able to invest in the most up to date equipment and training and utilize its fullest potential. The volume of spine patients we see allows the hospital to negotiate excellent rates from our vendors.

Value in healthcare also includes providing the best care. Our orthopedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeons are board-certified and fellowship-trained in the spine. Outside the operating room, Nebraska Spine Hospital has assembled one of the most supportive and skilled teams of professionals to ensure exceptional patient experiences.

To find a doctor with our board-certified orthopedic spine surgeons or Dr. Hain, our board certified neurosurgeon click here.


Providing the highest quality spine care is our focus and our quality indicators prove it. Since the hospital opened in 2010 we have earned quality outcomes that are among the best in the country.

What do these quality measures mean for the patient?

It means that when you choose Nebraska Spine Hospital you are choosing the highest quality surgical spine care available. Everything we do is to keep our patients safe and to ensure optimal outcomes and unmatched healthcare quality.


At Nebraska Spine Hospital, we continue to find ways to use the most advanced technology and specialize to further the capabilities of our physicians.

Our technology and equipment include:

  • O Arm – The O Arm imaging system provides real-time, three-dimensional surgical imaging to a level of detail that ensures greater precision, improves outcomes, and reduces time in surgery.
  • Intra-operative Neuromonitoring – Offers critical insight into the nervous system during spine procedures, allowing surgeons to monitor the location of nerves during surgery with optimal precision to reduce the risk to the patient.
  • Stealth Navigation – Enables surgeons to more precisely view the patient’s spine during surgery, enhancing the accuracy of the navigation of instruments and placement of devices during even the most complex procedure.

Patient Satisfaction

Our patients are extremely satisfied and we intend to keep it that way. Our overall patient satisfaction consistently ranks at or above the 97th percentile.

By focusing on the individual and not the condition we strive to meet the needs of every patient. It is our goal to make sure you feel heard by every member of staff, from doctors and nurses, to the support staff. We want to provide you a calm and peaceful experience in your hospital room and make sure you feel comforted and cared for.

By focusing on the details we continue to earn excellent patient satisfaction scores that are well above the competition.

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For Our Referring Physicians

Keeping the primary care provider as an important part of the continuum of care is what sets Nebraska Spine Hospital apart. We know that patients do better when they are returned back into their primary care provider’s care for recovery and healing.

It is so important that our staff makes a follow up primary care appointment for all of our patients before they are discharged.

We will also make sure that all necessary discharge and medical information is at the primary care provider’s office before the patient come in for their post operative appointment.