About Our Hospital

Over 80% of adults experience one or more episodes of back pain in their lifetime. Always, the hope is that conservative treatments will be effective and the healing process will be quick and your quality of life will return soon. However, when surgery is indicated, Nebraska Spine Hospital is here to provide you the very best in spine surgery. Nebraska Spine Hospital is the first of its kind in the region, a specialty hospital that focuses only on conditions of the spine.

Since 2010, our board certified and fellowship trained surgeons and highly experienced staff have worked hard to provide outstanding quality outcomes, excellent patient satisfaction, and lower cost compared to our peers. We invite you to use our website to learn more about how we provide a total value to our patients and how we can help you get your quality of life back.



Nebraska Spine Hospital’s mission is to provide a center of excellence for our patient’s spinal care. We will foster a caring and compassionate environment known for the highest quality care achieved through cost effective and patient focused services. Our commitment to patient care calls us to:

  • Respect the dignity of every person
  • Collaborate with others to improve healthcare delivery
  • Teach and research to further the science of medicine
  • Utilize proven technological advances in care and technique
  • Attend to the needs of those who are poor or disadvantaged
  • Act with integrity in all endeavors

Awards and Certifications

Ultimately, you want to know that the care you receive and the outcomes we work to achieve are executed in a way that ensures strict adherence to very high quality standards. Certification and awards by third-party organizations and governing entities is your assurance that Nebraska Spine Hospital does so.

  • Becker’s List of 100 Hospitals with Great Spine and Neurosurgery Programs

  • Joint Commission Seal

  • Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services

  • The Joint Commission’s Gold Seal of Approval® for Disease Specific Care for Spine Surgery Certification

  • Becker’s List of Top Rated Hospitals for Patient Experience

Ready to Learn More?

The Nebraska Spine Hospital is proud to be a physician-led spine specialty hospital. As the only Spine Center of Excellence in the region, the Nebraska Spine Center is the choice for complex spine surgery.

Partnerships and Affiliations

Together, we achieve more

We see it in nearly every aspect of our lives – and your specialized spinal care is no exception. Working together, we are able to accomplish so much more than anyone can on their own. That’s why The Nebraska Spine Hospital is a partnership between CHI Health, and SCA Health, and the Nebraska Spine Holdings, a physician group consisting of surgeons from Nebraska Spine + Pain Center. As a result of this unprecedented collaboration, you’re able to access:

  • Nationally recognized and board certified spine surgeons, neurosurgeons and physical medicine physicians
  • The full continuum of pre- and post-surgical care

Part of the CHI Health Family

Nebraska Spine Hospital is a private hospital. However, our partnership means that when it is time to consider spine surgery options for CHI patients, we are the choice for spine surgery.

Critical research and treatment

There’s another element to this partnership – the Nebraska Foundation for Spinal Research. A non-profit organization of the Nebraska Spine + Pain Center, it participates in the comprehensive monitoring of surgical outcomes and pioneering research that contributes to breakthrough diagnosis and treatments, along with advancements in such areas as artificial disc replacement and bone grafting. As a result, contributing to our ability to improve the outcomes we’re able to achieve.

Physician Privlegdes

If you are a physician or care provider and are interested in joining the medical staff of the Nebraska Spine Hospital please contact the administration office of the Nebraska Spine Hospital at 402-572-3000.

For the Media

Members of the media should contact our main office at 402-572-3000.