Spine Surgery Patient Testimonial: Garry

Here at Nebraska Spine Hospital, we focus only on the spine to offer our patients unmatched expertise. From our surgeons to our nurses, everyone specializes in treating spine surgery patients. 

Honing in on one specialty allows our team to provide a quality of care that simply can’t be found anywhere else in the area. Since the hospital opened in 2010, our team has performed over 1,000 spine surgeries a year on average. These procedures have resulted in excellent outcomes including 98th percentile in patient satisfaction and likelihood to recommend.

But don’t just take our word for it. Keep reading to hear what our past patient, Garry, has to say about his experience. 

Garry’s Testimonial

“About seven years ago, I had a back fusion done and it really made a huge difference for me. I hobbled in here on crutches; I left a week later and I walked right out the front door not being in pain or anything like that. 

When I was laying on the floor, that’s actually one of the lowest moments of my life. I was in the kitchen for probably four hours. My discs had calcified in my lower back and essentially one of them had turned hard like a stone and then shattered. Then the pieces jammed into my nerves.

They see everything, from accidents to people like me who self-degenerate away in one spot. Because they see so many cases versus if you go to another hospital, you may get a nurse who hasn’t had a spine patient in six months. Not to say that he or she can’t take care of you, but they aren’t going to have the intuition that they do with someone who sees it every day.

I do recommend Dr. Longley to my friends and other relatives, and have had a couple who have come in from out of town to see him. My specialty is in respiratory therapy, it’s not in spine surgery, so I have the same questions everyone else has.

I love Nebraska Spine Hospital, it still shocks me on the difference from day one to the day I walked out of the hospital.”

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If you or a loved one is suffering from a spine condition, we urge you to seek professional medical help. Use the Find a Doctor tab on our website to find a board-certified surgeon at Nebraska Spine Hospital.