Strong Backs Create Beautiful Gardens

Gardening is a summertime activity that many of us look forward to. Gardening is a great way to spruce up your home, get outside and stay active. In fact, did you know that gardening activities like pulling weeds, trimming and planting can burn 200-400 calories/hour. The downside can be that stiff backs and injuries can happen when we aren’t careful in the garden. Use these easy tips to stay injury-free this summer…

Stand Up Often

You may not realize it when you’re focused on what you’re doing, but the longer you stay crouched or kneeled down, the worse your back will feel when you finally stand up. Stand up frequently, or whenever possible, elevate whatever it is you’re working on, on a table or chair. 

Drink Lots of Water

Drinking a lot of water while doing any kind of activity is a good idea because it keeps your entire body hydrated, and that includes your joints and connecting tissues. Hydration is an easy way to keep your body lose and moving smoothly. 

Use a Kneeling Pad

They’re cheap, they’re easy to find online and they’re a life saver…or a knee and back saver at least. Foam or gel kneeling pads can really make a world of difference. In the garden, we’re constantly kneeling and that is very hard on the joints, including your spine. Using a kneeling pad is just a smart, easy way to prevent stiffness in your knees and back. 

Stretch Before and After

Stretching before and after every gardening session is an extremely effective way to prevent injury and stiffness. Beyond being a great preventative measure, stretching frequently is an overall great health habit to get into. You’d be surprised just how much better you feel on a daily basis if stretching is part of your everyday routine.