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Innovative Spine Care for Motion Preservation

Restoring movement and alleviating pain are two primary goals for individuals considering spine and neck surgery. At Nebraska Spine Hospital, patients have access to advanced procedures and devices, as the surgeons actively pursue innovative techniques in spine and neck care, including motion preservation. This blog post explores the concept of motion preservation and highlights the specific procedures offered at Nebraska Spine Hospital.

Understanding Motion Preservation

Motion preservation refers to a set of surgical procedures aimed at addressing spine and neck conditions resulting from degeneration or injury. These procedures focus on restoring the natural distance between vertebrae, relieving compression, stabilizing the spine, and controlling motion. By preserving movement, patients can experience pain relief and improved functionality without compromising the integrity of their spinal structures.

Cervical Total Disc Replacement

One of the procedures offered at Nebraska Spine Hospital is Cervical Total Disc Replacement. In this procedure, surgeons access the affected area of the cervical spine (neck) through the front of the neck. They remove the damaged disc completely and then position the spine to its normal alignment before implanting an artificial disc. This technique offers significant pain relief and restores movement, enabling patients to regain their quality of life.

Lumbar Total Disc Replacement

Nebraska Spine Hospital also provides Lumbar Total Disc Replacement, another procedure that focuses on the lumbar spine (lower back). During this surgery, an incision is made in the patient’s stomach, allowing the surgeon to remove the damaged disc entirely. An artificial disc is then implanted to restore the optimal distance between vertebrae and alleviate associated pain and restricted movement. This procedure offers promising outcomes for individuals experiencing lumbar spine conditions.

Benefits of Motion Preservation Procedures

These type of procedures offer several benefits compared to traditional spinal fusion surgeries. By preserving movement, these procedures help maintain flexibility and reduce stress on adjacent spinal segments. Additionally, motion preservation techniques minimize the risk of accelerated degeneration in neighboring discs, allowing patients to maintain a more natural range of motion after surgery.

Nebraska Spine Hospital stands out as a leading institution for motion preservation procedures due to its commitment to innovative spine and neck care. The hospital’s surgeons actively pursue the latest techniques and approaches in the field, ensuring patients have access to the most advanced procedures and devices available. With a focus on personalized care and outcomes, Nebraska Spine Hospital offers comprehensive treatment plans tailored to each patient’s unique needs. Learn more about motion preservation here.