Meet Dr. Chase Woodward

Join us in welcoming Chase Woodward, MD, MPH, the newest orthopaedic spine surgeon here at Nebraska Spine Hospital. He is a fellowship trained and Board Eligible Member of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons and the North American Spine Society, as well as a Fellowship Candidate in the Scoliosis Research Society.

Dr. Chase Woodward is the son of one of Nebraska Spine Hospital’s founding surgeons, Dr. Randal Woodward. Dr. Chase Woodward considers the first time he ever saw his father perform a spine surgery a very important time in his life: “It was a scoliosis correction in a teenager. It was so precise – very technical – and the outcome was life-changing for that patient. It’s really at that time that I knew I was going to be a spine surgeon.”

Dr. Woodward is joining the Nebraska Spine Hospital staff after having just completed a  prestigious spine surgery fellowship at Washington University of Medicine in Saint Louis. This extra year of intense clinical training included state-of-the-art surgical treatment of degenerative spine disorders, adult and pediatric deformity (scoliosis and kyphosis), spinal trauma, and oncologic processes of the spine.

He urges those suffering from back pain to seek help from a doctor who is fellowship trained in spine surgery: “It is those people that have the intense training that they need to provide you with a definite diagnosis and offer you the full array of treatment, whether it be nonsurgical or surgical, to best meet your needs and reach your goal of being pain-free.”

At Nebraska Spine Hospital, Dr. Woodward cares for patients with a wide range of spinal diseases and back pain conditions. Watch this short video to learn more about him. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Woodward, please call the Nebraska Spine and Pain Center at 402.496.0404 and request Dr. Woodward.

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