Narcotic Pain Medications and Chronic Pain

What if we were to tell you that narcotic pain medications like oxycodone, hydrocodone, and morphine can actually worsen your chronic pain? Not that great of news, huh?

Studies have found that to be the case.

“A brief treatment with a pain killer, like morphine, doubled the duration of chronic pain.”

Let’s talk about the things we knew about narcotic pain medication prior to this finding.

Strengthen Your Back In Three Moves

We’ve noticed a trend in all of our most recent blogs; we keep urging you to remain active and add some workouts to your daily routine. While that’s easy for us to say, sometimes it’s hard for those of you suffering from back pain to know which exercises are safe for you to perform.

Relieving Holiday Stress-Induced Neck Pain

The holiday season can be one of the most stressful times of the year. Not only are you juggling your normal responsibilities (work, housework, chauffeuring the kids around), but also all of the responsibilities that come with the holidays (extra baking, more cleaning, gift shopping).

And those added responsibilities are often accompanied by more stress.

Positive Thinking = Positive Health

In recent years, the medical field has realized the significance that the mind can have on the body. The relationship between feeling good and thinking good is very strong. There are some incredible health benefits to be gained from doing this one simple thing: thinking positively. In fact, positive thoughts can reduce chronic and acute back pain.

Relax Your Way To a Pain Free Day

As summer winds down and the school year starts, your life likely just got a whole lot busier. Whether you have kids lunches to pack, extra-curriculars to keep up with, or maybe a new busy season has begun at work, this time of year can often bring extra stress along with it. It might be difficult to think of relaxation now,