Liz Nissen receives Positive Image of Nursing Award

We would like to congratulate Elizabeth “Liz” Nissen for being named the Positive Image of Nursing Award recipient for Nebraska Spine Hospital. The Positive Image of Nursing Award is a recognition and award program facilitated by the Nebraska Nurses Association to commemorate National Nurses Week.

Amanda Shelden, Liz Nissen, and Teresa Hawlik
Amanda Shelden, Liz Nissen, and Teresa Hawlik

Recipients are nominated by their nurse leader based on their commitment and dedication to exemplifying a positive image of nursing. According to Teresa Hawlik, Chief Nurse Executive of Nebraska Spine Hospital, “…Liz has truly experienced what it means to be a part of a healing team, and what it feels like to make a difference in the lives of those she has touched. Liz is truly a role model for nursing, and what this award seeks to recognize.”

Ms. Hawlik expands on Liz’s attributes by saying, “Having worked her way up from a Nursing Assistant to a Registered Nurse, Liz knows the demands nursing brings.  I have seen the growth in Liz during her employment with Alegent Health/Nebraska Spine Hospital to understand the rewards that nursing brings as well.  Liz maintains a positive attitude at all times, and completes every task with a high level of precision and professionalism. Liz strives to demonstrate accountability, kindness, safety, and to be part of a team that wants to make a difference. Liz is compassionate and takes time to understand her patients and their needs.  She continually challenges herself to learn and grow. At Nebraska Spine Hospital, we strive to provide excellent care.  The highest compliment receive is a letter from the patients we have cared for, of which I have many with Liz’s name on them. Liz is described as a leader among her peers. She is able to fulfill the duties of Charge Nurse, and provide guidance to her team.  Her patients describe her as kind and compassionate, and going above and beyond to ensure all needs are met.”

We are proud to have Liz on our staff here at Nebraska Spine Hospital. We thank her for her commitment and dedication and congratulate her on her recognition.