Prevent low back pain while driving

Prevent Low Back Pain While Driving

According to AAA 86% of Americans are planning to take a final road trip this Labor Day weekend. Unfortunately, low back pain can sometimes result after long hours spent driving.

Follow these three tips to avoid low back pain while driving:

  1. Sit Right– Knees should not be higher than the hips and the front of the seat should not touch the back of the knee. You should be able to press pedals all the way without twisting or moving up in the seat. Slightly recline in the seat keeping the legs and back at 110 degrees. Position your arms at 90 degrees keeping elbows as close to the body as possible.
  2. Support your Back– Adjust the low back support to just touch your lower back, or add gentle support in the low back with a rolled towel or a lumbar roll.
  3. Move Around– Shift your position in your seat from time to time to keep from stiffening up. Do seated stretches to get your blood pumping before you get out of the vehicle.

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