Office Spine Health 101: Office Stretches

One of the easiest ways to prevent back pain is to get up and move every hour. Set a reminder on your phone or computer and walk around the office or stretch at least once an hour. You can even try to implement one of the following office stretches and exercises.

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Office Stretches

Our favorite office stretch is the reverse arch stretch. It’s our favorite because it doesn’t draw a lot of attention in the workplace like other stretches might. Follow the steps below to try the reverse arch stretch:

  • Scoot to the front of your chair and lace your fingers behind your back. You should feel a stretch in your shoulders and chest.
  • Take a deep breath and let your shoulders dip further back and let your head fall back.
  • Exhale.
  • Hold this position for a few deep breaths.
  • Slowly bring your head back up and unlace your fingers.

How did that feel? As with all stretches, it’s important to listen to your body and move slowly. Stretching should never be painful.

Other stretches you can try to help prevent or relieve back or neck pain, include:

  • Roll your shoulders back in slow circles to help release any tension you’ve been holding in your neck.
  • Draw circles in the air with your nose to help loosen your neck muscles.
  • Reach your hands towards the sky and bend from side to side to help wake up your muscles.
  • Hunch your shoulders forward and let your stomach suck in. From there, do the opposite, pulling your shoulders back and pushing your chest out. This stretch is similar to the cat and cow poses in yoga.

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