Everyday Habits for a Healthier Spine

Everyday Habits that help Prevent Back Injury

 Each morning we have a routine.  It might include starting off with a hot shower or firing up that coffee maker.  Our routines continue throughout the day: we take the same route to work, lunch at noon, favorite TV program at 9:00 and then off to bed.  Once you get into a routine, these simple easy things can become healthy habits.  Have you ever considered incorporating some new activities into your daily routine to help prevent back pain?  Here are some quick and easy ways to help prevent pain and injury.

 1)    Wear your seatbelt!

a.     If you are in an accident, even a very minor one, seatbelts and airbags can protect your spine from injury or damage.  Wearing a seatbelt lowers your risk of injury by 50% in a crash.

2)    Strengthen those bones!

a.     Calcium can help strengthen your bones and vitamin D helps your body absorb calcium more effectively.  Increasing your calcium and vitamin D intake can help prevent osteoporosis.   Easy ways to get calcium are in milk, yogurt, eggs, cheese, leafy greens or a daily supplement.  So, instead of that bagel for breakfast, think of rotating in some eggs or yogurt!

3)    Give your back a break when you sleep

a.     Sleeping with pillows under your knees helps relieve some of the pressure your back.  Training yourself to sleep on your side or stomach can also ease the pressure on your back.

4)    Improve your posture!

a.     Check your posture every so often.  If you find yourself slouching, straighten up!  Good posture looks good and helps keep your spine healthy.  Bad posture puts unnecessary strain and stress on your back.  Slouching, hunching or bending improperly can do great harm to your back.

5)    Move that body!

a.     At work or social gatherings, make sure you are not sedentary in one position for too long.  Sitting or standing in the same place can put pressure on your spine.  Even beyond that, incorporating a workout routine of exercise or stretching can improve your back and spine health immensely.

These activities are simple and quick, yet effective to prevent back injury and improve the health of your spine.  Any pain or injury can keep you away from your normal day, so do your best to avoid them!  If you have questions on these or other great ways good habits to work into your day, please feel free to contact us.