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Exercise and Back Pain

Exercise and Back PainWhen we’re in pain, no matter what the culprit, our natural reaction is to rest. However, getting up and getting moving can actually help you more than you think. Sitting still is bad for you body in general. Being active while dealing with back pain can actually help strengthen your back muscles, stomach and even legs. Of course, depending on the cause and intensity of your pain, you should always clear your exercises with your doc first or give the experts at Nebraska Spine Hospital a call.

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Disc Surgery for a Herniated Disc

Dr. Phillips talks about his interest in disc surgery for both cervical and lumbar herniated discs. For more videos – like us on facebook!

I have a particular interest in disc surgery, whether its cervical or lumbar. It’s something I’ve done very well and have had very good results with for a long time. The people who trained me also taught me a lot of tricks and methods to try to avoid having recurrences or complications and problems. Disc herniations are very disabling to people, and only a small portion of them will require operations, so, of course, you have to be good at taking care of the patients non-operatively and only operate on the ones who should do well, and will do well, from surgery.