Three Ways to Maintain a Healthy Back on the Road

Travel is Tough on Your Back

Use These 3 Simple Tips to Maintain a Healthy Back While You’re On Your Summer Adventures…


The seats on planes or trains aren’t usually made with the right type of support for your back. Even a comfy car seat isn’t necessarily doing the best things to your back. 

Bring your own lumbar support. You should also travel with a neck pillow for proper support while you’re getting your beauty rest. No kinks here!


Any time you get a chance to move around and stretch, take it! Some really simple stretches or yoga moves can instantly help alleviate travel pains, or prevent them from happening at all. 

Check out this fantastic infographic from –Yoga on the Road. Always feel welcome to ask your NSH doctor for helpful exercises as well!


3It’s always a good idea to keep some over the counter pain meds on you when traveling. They can be a lifesaver for all types of aches and pains that come from being cooped up for hours. 

If you don’t have a cooler for your ice pack, you can get bring gel packs that self-cool, or ask an attendant for a bag of ice and a towel (you paid enough for those tickets, they can spare the ice.)