Spine for spinal fusion surgery

How is Spine Fusion Done?

During spine fusion surgery, your surgeon locks together, or fuses the bones in your spine. This limits the movement of these bones, which may help to relieve your pain. Your back or neck may not be as flexible after a fusion but may feel more flexible because you can move with less pain.

Dr. Wooward of the Nebraska Spine Hospital discusses IV acetaminophen

IV Acetaminophen for Back Surgery Pain

Dr. Woodward discussed the use of IV acetaminophen for post back surgery pain in an article in the Omaha World Herald on February 6, 2014. IV acetaminophen is used after surgery to control pain without the side effects of narcotics.

The article is featured below and quotes Dr. Randall Woodward and Barb Barrett –

Nebraska Spine Hospital Surgeons

What kind of doctor should I see for Spine Surgery?

Often when a patient is experiencing back pain and considering spine surgery a common question is “should I see an orthopaedic spine surgeon or a neurosurgeon?” At Nebraska Spine Hospital we have both orthopaedic spine surgeons and a neurosurgeon.

At Nebraska Spine Hospital all of our surgeons are board certified and have had special training in spine surgery.