Relax Your Way To a Pain Free Day

As summer winds down and the school year starts, your life likely just got a whole lot busier. Whether you have kids lunches to pack, extra-curriculars to keep up with, or maybe a new busy season has begun at work, this time of year can often bring extra stress along with it. It might be difficult to think of relaxation now,

Don’t Forget the Back in “Back To School!”

“Oh, my achin’ back!” isn’t something you’d expect to hear from your child. Youth can be a benefit when it comes to your back health; but, there are some things that parents should be cautious about when it comes to their child’s back.

Back to school means finding the right backpack for your child –

Go for the Gold! Train Like an Olympian

This weekend, the Summer 2016 Olympics will kick off and we will see the world’s finest athletes compete for a gold medal. Many of these athletes have incredible conditioning and workout routines to prepare them for competition. Leading up to competition, they focus on diet and exercise. Ever wonder what some of their secrets are?