What Are Some Causes Of Curvature Of The Spine?

When you look at a normal, healthy spine from the side it should show vertebrae stacked with the discs with gentle curving. If you are looking straight at it from a back view it should be nice and straight from the neck all the way down the back.

Many people suffer from curvature of the spine which means the natural curves of the spine have become misaligned. This can occur for many reasons and can be mild or very severe. Many times surgery is required to fix the problem.

Types of Spine Curvature Disorders

Scoliosis is often the most well-known reason for curvature of the spine but not the only one. It is one of three most common reasons for spinal curvature. The other two are Lordosis and Kyphosis.

A person who has scoliosis has a problem with a spine that curves sideways. The spine often looks like a C shape or an S shape. Lordosis is also known as swayback. The bottom of the spine curves inward. Kyphosis patients have upper backs that are abnormally rounded. Again, in all these situations, there are mild cases or severe cases.

Causes Of Spine Curvature Disorders

Certain health problems can cause curvature of the spine. Achondroplasia is one of them. The bones do not grow as they should and results in problems such as dwarfism. Osteosporosis can cause bones to be broken easily and result in spine curvature problems. Several things can cause kyphosis including congenital kyphosis, poor posture or Scheuermann’s disease.

Spina bifida, spinal tumors, or spine infections can also cause problems. The reason for scoliosis is not really known but it seems to be genetic in some cases. There are various methods of treating each of these as well. Medication, exercise, braces, physical therapy and surgery can all be treatment methods. You and your doctor will have to decide what the best option for you will be. The Nebraska Spine Hospital‘s trained staff and expert physicians will help you make the best choice possible.