Enjoy the College World Series Without Hurting Your Back

The College World Series means a lot of things like Zesto’s, tailgating, home runs, and back pain from hours spent sitting in the bleachers. The awkward position of stadium seating with no back support and the knees above the hips can lead to a case of painful Bleacher Back.

To avoid Bleachers Back:

1. Keep your pelvis, hips and shoulders as close to vertical as possible.

2. Allow your lower back to maintain its natural curve while keeping the abdominal muscles engaged for support.

3. Keep your knees straight ahead.

4. Shift in place from time to time to reduce lower back pressure and promote blood flow.

5. When you do stand up to root for the team, make sure you turn your entire body as opposed to twisting your back.

No matter who you are cheering for, remember these simple tips to enjoy the game without suffering from Bleacher Back.

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