Love Your Spine

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we think it’s only fitting to talk about how to love your spine. We know it sounds strange, but showing your spine a little love in a few small ways can have a big impact on your spine health.

So, this Valentine’s Day we encourage you to love yourself by implementing just one of these small changes. Then, once that small change has become a habit, you can implement another, until you’re doing everything you can to keep that spine of yours healthy.

To learn more about the various ways to show your spine some love, click on the blog posts we’ve linked in each section. These blogs will provide you with additional information to motivate you to make the change.

Love your spine by implementing an active lifestyle.

An active lifestyle is essential to your overall health, including your spine. As we often say, an active spine is a healthy one. We know it can be hard to exercise when you are experiencing pain, but it’s important to strengthen your muscles, get your blood pumping, and stretch a few times a week. An active spine is a healthy spine. Share on X

Love your spine by engaging your mind.

Mindful meditation is a proven treatment for those suffering from chronic pain. A recent study found that participants who engaged in mind-body therapy showed improved pain scores over the 8-week treatment sessions. The best part is that mindful meditation only takes up about 15 minutes of your day.

Love your spine by reevaluating your posture.

If you have poor posture, you’re destined for back pain. In fact, over time poor posture can actually change the anatomical structure of your spine. Read more about how to maintain correct posture while sitting and standing.

Love your spine by eating for your health.

Eating healthy goes hand-in-hand with a healthy spine. The nutrients you consume from whole foods work wonders for your body. Also, a healthy diet can help you to maintain a healthy weight.

Love your spine by assessing your sleeping position.

Sleep is essential for your health, plain and simple. However, those suffering from pain may find it difficult to fall or remain asleep. Luckily, there are a few ways to help yourself get better sleep when you’re suffering from chronic pain, back pain, or neck pain.

Love your spine by quitting smoking.

Did you know that smoking and back pain are related? That’s right, if you’re a smoker and are experiencing back pain, smoking is probably part of the issue.

Which way are you going to choose to love your spine this Valentine’s Day? And please remember to consult your primary physician before beginning a new exercise regimen or diet.

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