Never Ignore Neck Pain, Here’s Why…


Neck pain is somewhat common, so many of us will simply take over the counter medication, and work through the pain and discomfort. Our doctors would strongly urge you to consider locating the source of the pain before dismissing it. Neck pain can be an indicator of serious spinal issues.


Back pain is often taken more seriously, because it is commonly associated with degenerative arthritis and disc herniation. Most people don’t know that neck pain is also a symptom of these very serious conditions that should be diagnosed and treated before irreparable damage is done. Beyond preventing further injury, patients should know that they don’t just have to live with pain.


Patients with neck pain as a result of degenerative arthritis or disc issues will find the pain travels through their shoulders and arms as well. If these types of conditions get bad enough, the spinal cord can get compressed and also cause spinal cord dysfunction, which affects the entire body.


When a spinal cord is compressed, or any of the nerves that provide sensation to the arms, a procedure is often needed to treat the condition. Surgery at Nebraska Spine Hospital will relieve this compression of the spinal cord and/or nerves, to stop the pain and restore normal body function and movement.


All this being said, sometimes neck pain only requires physical therapy, or even very simple life changes that our Nurse Navigators or doctors can help you with. Either way, it is always best to consult a doctor at Nebraska Spine Hospital any time you are experience back or neck pain.


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