NSH recognized fro reducing healthcare associated infections

NSH Nurses Lead the Way to Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections

Nebraska Spine Hospital is proud to be recognized for a sustained commitment to reducing Healthcare Associated Infections by three healthcare quality organizations in Nebraska. The recognizing organizations are the Nebraska Association of Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention, the Quality Improvement Organization CMS, and CIMRO of Nebraska.

For the past three years NSH has voluntarily participated in this publicly reported program under the leadership of Jamie Eickman, Infection Control Nurse, and Michelle George, Quality and Compliance RN. They have been active participants in the Healthcare Associated Infection Learning and Action Network and have worked to develop and spread a culture of safety to employees and patients.

Nebraska Spine Hospital and its employees are committed to education and training efforts to learn and implement evidence-based practices for reducing healthcare associated infection prevention.

More Information about Healthcare Associated Infections

Healthcare associated infections are a result of germs entering your body during medical care. Three examples of healthcare associated infections are:

Catheter-associated infections which occur when germs travel along a urinary catheter and cause an infection in your bladder or kidney. Nebraska Spine Hospital has an industry leading record of zero catheter-associated urinary tract infections for over two years.

Surgical site infections occur after surgery in the part of the body after surgery has taken place. Nebraska Spine Hospital has exceptionally low surgical site infection rates.

Bloodstream infections occur when germs enter the bloodstream through the tube in your vein or arm and pneumonia is an infection in the lungs.