Tips for Back Pain-Free Biking

Cardiovascular exercise is essential to your spine health. Engaging in regular exercise helps to keep your spine both happy and healthy. Bike riding is an excellent form of cardiovascular exercise to work into your weekly routine. It helps to get your heart pumping, while not stressing your spine.

Keep reading for several tips for back pain-free biking.

Find the right bike

The first step to pain-free biking is finding a bike that is properly suited for your body. Many people ride bikes that are too big for them. Riding a bike that is too large or small can cause an improper biking posture, so it’s important to find a bike that is the correct size for your body. If you’re not ready to invest in a new bike or are using stationary bikes at your local gym, adjusting the bike seat to the proper height can work wonders for your posture.

Practice proper bike riding posture

Now that you’ve got the right bike, it’s time to focus on your posture. Proper posture while riding a bike begins with keeping your body centered on the bike and maintaining a neutral spine position. If you fail to keep your spine neutral and arch it in either direction, you run the risk of straining your back or neck muscles, resulting in back pain over time.

Try a recumbent bike

Would you rather exercise in the comfort of your own home or local gym? Recumbent bikes are great for sensitive spines. Unlike other stationary bikes, recumbent bikes provide low back support while you’re exercising. The added support from recumbent bikes is a great option for those just beginning to exercise or for those already experiencing back pain.

Join a local cycling class

If you want to start a cardiovascular workout program but don’t want to do it alone, join a local cycling class. Not only can it be motivating to work out with others, but you’ll also have the guidance of an instructor when it comes to setting up your bike. 

Remember, it is always a good idea to consult your physician before beginning a new fitness regimen. If you or a loved one would like to make an appointment with one of our board-certified surgeons, please visit our Find a Doctor page on our website.

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