Better Desk Habits for a Better Back

If you work in an office today, it probably means most of your day is consumed looking at your computer responding to emails. Maybe, you get to stroll to the conference room and sit in a meeting for a few hours. You might even have to gather around that futuristic looking speaker phone for a bi-coastal conference call.

Better Sleep for a Better Back

We often don’t have questions about “how to sleep”, but we’ve all wondered how to get better sleep, or perhaps, how to make sleep more productive.  Those 8 hours a night are necessary for your body to rest, refuel and recharge for the next day.  Without a healthy sleep, your memory, productivity, immune system, mood,

Everyday Habits for a Healthier Spine

Everyday Habits that help Prevent Back Injury

 Each morning we have a routine.  It might include starting off with a hot shower or firing up that coffee maker.  Our routines continue throughout the day: we take the same route to work, lunch at noon, favorite TV program at 9:00 and then off to bed.  

Preventing Back Injury as a Caretaker

If you are the caretaker for someone suffering from chronic pain or illness, you know that it is rewarding and necessary, even if it takes a toll. We know that many of our patients want or need some assistance at home after surgery, and it’s usually a family member who is the one to help.

Prevent Back Pain with Exercise

Back Pain: There may be an easy remedy!

 Back pain can be caused by many different factors resulting in different treatment paths.  Some causes may require surgery while others may simply require specialized exercises and medication.  Often, if you are diagnosed with a chronic degenerative condition, such as spinal stenosis or degenerative disc disease,

Spine Surgery Nebraska

Exercise over Lunch

We all have been there before, “I’m just too busy to workout.”  Between work and family, there’s often little time left for ourselves.  It probably doesn’t need to be said, but we’ll say it anyway, exercise is important.  When it comes to surgical recovery, being healthy can help you get back to your normal self much more quickly.  

Recovery at Home

Watch as Rhonda, the Nebraska Spine Hospital Nurse Navigator, discusses how to prepare to recover at home after spine surgery. Including things you should do and things to avoid, like housework 🙂

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Spine Surgery Programs

Nebraska Spine Hospital Recognized by Becker’s Hospital Review

Nebraska Spine Hospital is proud to be named by Becker’s Hospital Review as an organization included in the “100 hospitals and health systems with great neurosurgery and spine programs” in 2015. According to Becker’s Hospital Review:

“The organizations on this year’s list are remarkable leaders in neurosciences, providing treatment for patients with various brain and spine conditions.”

This list is developed for inclusion based on national rankings and awards from multiple organizations and institutions including: The U.S.

How to Walk in a Winter Wonderland

How-to Walk in a Winter Wonderland

Winter has finally arrived in Nebraska, making its debut at Christmas this year! And while it’s the most wonderful time of the year, it can also be the most dangerous. If you have to be out and about in inclement weather, take heed of some of these safety precautions to help you reduce your risk of falling this winter.