Spine Surgery Nebraska

Exercise over Lunch

We all have been there before, “I’m just too busy to workout.”  Between work and family, there’s often little time left for ourselves.  It probably doesn’t need to be said, but we’ll say it anyway, exercise is important.  When it comes to surgical recovery, being healthy can help you get back to your normal self much more quickly.  If you are anticipating having a spinal surgery in the future, you may want to consider adding a healthy weight loss exercise routine to your day.  Less weight means less pressure on your joints and can even prevent injuries and pain from happening.  A great way to sneak in a work-out is fitting it in over your lunch break.  Lunch-break workouts are gaining in popularity. It may take a little bit of planning to get started, but you’ll look and feel better once you add this to your day.  Included are some helpful tips to let you squeeze in that workout when you just don’t have the time!


  1. Plan ahead!

On the days that you are going to workout, make sure you have everything you need.  Wear clothes that are easy to change out of.  Make sure you pack your lunch so you don’t waste time picking it up.  Choose the days where your schedule might be a little more flexible, so you’re not rushing out of a meeting or dialing in late to a call.

  1. Don’t skip lunch.

You need to eat.  Your body needs the fuel, especially if you are working out.  So, don’t skip your lunch to exercise, make sure you have time for both.  A light, low-fat lunch can be easier to digest after a good workout.

  1. You don’t need a gym.

Think outside of the gym for your lunch time workouts.  Think a bike ride, desk yoga, walk around your office, weightlifting or even chair squats.

  1. Find a friend.

Research shows that when you have a buddy, you are more motivated to work out.  You are more accountable and work harder, too!  Another great bonus to exercising with a partner?  Your friend gets to become fit, too!

  1. You only need 15 minutes.

It has been found that 15 minutes of intense exercise can have the same benefits of 60-minutes of longer, aerobic sessions.  You might be able to find a gym that offers classes specifically for those lunch-time workout warriors.

When having the time is an issue, you can always squeeze in a workout over lunch.  The more you exercise, the healthier you will be.  The better you feel.  Don’t do it for us, do it for yourself!  Always consult with your doctor before implementing any major lifestyle changes.  If you have a question about which exercises will be kind to your back, please don’t hesitate to contact us!