Gift Ideas for a Healthy Back

Gift Ideas for a Healthy Back

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time for food, family, fun, and gifts! Though gift-giving is not the only way to show you care, why not give your friends a healthy gift this year? If you know someone who has been experiencing back pain or would like ideas to help relieve your own back pain, keep reading for gift ideas for back pain! We have selected several healthy back gift ideas in a variety of price ranges for you to choose from.

Shoe Insoles

The first of our healthy back gift ideas isn’t very glamorous, but it can definitely help relieve back pain. Foot orthotics can help correct an irregular gait by realigning the ankle. This realignment helps take pressure off the lower back. If you were hoping to give a more personalized gift, foot orthotics are completely customizable. Just take your friend along to your local drugstore with a shoe insole kiosk.

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Ergonomic Desk Chair

This gift idea is perfect for anyone, but especially those that work from home. Proper posture is especially important for those that spend 8+ hours a day sitting at their desk. Be sure to look for features like adjustable seat height, lumbar support, and a backrest that supports the natural curve of the spine to ensure your loved one can customize the chair to fit them correctly. 

Travel Accessories

Have a friend who enjoys traveling? Consider gifting them a few travel accessories to make trips more comfortable with their back pain.

  • Lumbar pillows provide lower back support when seats are lacking.
  • Neck pillows provide your neck with needed support, especially for those planning on taking naps during the trip.
  • Heat wraps can be applied to the source of pain and provide instant relief.

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Gift Card for a Massage

While gift cards may seem impersonal and they aren’t much fun to unwrap, a gift card for a massage is perfect for a friend that wouldn’t regularly splurge on pampering themselves. You’d be giving them the gift of relaxation with the side benefit of helping to relieve back pain.

Recumbent Bike

If you have a friend who enjoys exercise but a back injury has put them on the sidelines, a recumbent bike is a perfect gift! A little-known fact is that regular exercise can actually help to relieve back pain and recumbent bikes allow for exercise without added strain on the spine.

While this gift is a little more expensive than our other options, it could make a world of difference for a friend experiencing back pain. If you aren’t able to purchase a recumbent bike alone, consider enlisting a few friends to split the cost with you!

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