9 Years of Nebraska Spine Hospital

We’re celebrating our nine year anniversary this month at Nebraska Spine Hospital. As many of you may know, the hospital was founded in 2010 by an incredible team of surgeons.

Every aspect of the hospital was carefully designed to focus exclusively on the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery of patients with conditions of the spine. As the first and only spine specialty hospital in the area, we’re able to provide a level of expertise that is simply not available anywhere else in the region.

Our spine focus creates many opportunities for economies of scale so we can provide our patients with excellent healthcare value. By focusing only on the spine, we are able to invest in the most up to date equipment and training. In fact, we have been instrumental in the development of new devices and equipment. In addition, our team has helped in perfecting new uses for existing technology.

Our technology and equipment include:

  • O Arm – We have one of two O Arm systems in the region. The O Arm imaging system provides real-time, three-dimensional surgical imaging to a level of detail that ensures greater precision, improved outcomes, and reduced time in surgery.
  • Banyan – Banyan integrates the information from imaging tools, patient monitoring, and other data into a single view, delivered in real-time. It also allows surgeons to share highly complex procedures with other surgeons, residents, and medical professionals worldwide.
  • Intra-Operative Neuromonitoring – Intra-operative neuromonitoring offers critical insight into the nervous system during spine procedures, allowing surgeons to monitor the location of nerves during surgery with optimal precision to reduce risk to the patient.
  • Stealth Navigation – Stealth navigation enables surgeons to more precisely view the patient’s spine during surgery. It enhances the accuracy of the navigation of instruments and placement of devices during even the most complex procedure.

Outside of our facility itself, our orthopaedic spine surgeons and neurosurgeon are board-certified and fellowship-trained in spine care. We have assembled one of the most supportive and skilled teams of professionals to ensure exceptional patient experiences.

Patient Satisfaction at Nebraska Spine Hospital

Since opening, the staff at Nebraska Spine Hospital has performed over 13,500 surgeries. Overall, our patients are extremely satisfied with a patient satisfaction score that consistently ranks above the 98th percentile.

By focusing on the individual and not the condition, we strive to meet the needs of every patient. It is our goal to make sure our patients feel heard by every member of staff, from doctors and nurses to the support staff.

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