Avoid Back Injury with tips from Nebraska Spine Hospita

Tips to Avoid Back Injury

Avoid back injury as you finish up your fall chores before winter sets in with these three tips.

1. Warm up- Never lift a heavy load after a long period of inactivity. Warm up with a quick walk and some simple stretches.

2. Size up the Task- Look around the area to make sure you have a clear path to your destination and test to see how heavy the object is before you attempt to lift or move it. If the area isn’t safe or the load is too heavy- don’t risk back injury and DON’T LIFT IT- ask for help!

3. Lift Safely- Start the lift by putting your feet close to the object. Get a firm footing. Center your body over your feet. Squat down like a professional weightlifter, bending your knees. Keep your back straight or slightly arched. You want your legs to do the lifting, not your back. Grasp the load securely with your hands, and pull the load close to you as you lift.

If you or a family member is suffering from back pain, please Find a doctor with one of our board certified and fellowship trained surgeons to discuss all of your conservative care options.