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Complex Deformity Surgery

When dealing with deformities or vertebral tumors, surgery to treat such patients is very complex. The more complex a spinal surgery is, the greater the risk is to neurovascular structures. These surgeries require highly skilled doctors and nurses working together in a team approach.

To most of us, the word “complex” can be scary, daunting or intimidating, but to the doctors at Nebraska Spine Hospital, complex surgeries motivate the doctors to find solutions and take action. In fact, when Dr. Fuller was asked what type of surgery he found most rewarding, his reply was “complex deformity surgery”.

A common example of a complex spinal deformity is scoliosis. Idiopathic and degenerative scoliosis can cause painful and debilitating deformities, resulting in the need for surgery.

With any complex surgery, there is no straightforward, standard procedure. Decisions must be made during the surgery by a highly skilled surgeon or team of surgeons working alongside nurses and an anesthesiologist to collaboratively reach the optimal outcome.

Complex surgeries also require innovative technology. At Nebraska Spine Hospital we use three-dimensional technology to assist the surgeons, especially during these more complex surgeries. The doctor can see exactly where they are at all times. Using these technologies, we’re able to access more of the spine with smaller incisions using minimally invasive approach. We’re also able to do larger, more complex surgeries in a safer fashion. Furthermore, more complex surgeries such as tumor resections, are more easily and safely accomplished using three-dimensional imaging in the operating room to give the surgeon an assist when it is most needed.

When the surgery is complete, the patient will be assigned a nurse navigator to lead them through pain management and recovery. Patients will also be given discharge packets with all of the information, dos and don’ts and prescriptions they need. Their at-home caretaker will know exactly what to help the patient make a full recovery.

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