Prevent Bleacher Back Pain

With September swiftly approaching and Husker football on the horizon, a lot of devoted fans will be facing hours on bleachers. And with those hours comes bleacher back pain. Anyone who has ever sat through a 2-3 hour sporting event knows that bleachers weren’t designed for comfort. They’re made out of hard plastic or metal and provide no back support. Not to mention that when the stadium is packed, there’s no wiggle room between fans.

We’ve noticed that all of these factors often force people to lean forward and rest their elbows on their knees. While it may feel comfortable for some time, it is an unnatural position that puts more stress on your spine, resulting in back pain.

Keep reading to find out how to avoid bleacher back pain this football season while still enjoying a few games at Memorial Stadium.

Focus on your posture

Always being aware of your posture is one of the best ways to keep your spine happy and healthy. While seated, it is important to maintain those three natural curves in your back. To ensure you’re sitting correctly, follow the steps below.

Invest in back support

Thankfully times have evolved in the last couple of decades, resulting in back support designed for stadium seating. Many sporting venues, including Memorial Stadium, offer seats that come with back support to rent. Additionally, you can purchase your own back support and take it with you to each game. When shopping for a back support, look for a sturdy seat with plenty of cushioning to protect you from those hard bleachers.

As you can see, there are a couple steps you can take to prevent bleacher back pain. If you are already suffering from back pain, we urge you to seek professional medical attention. Please visit our Find a Doctor tab to find a board-certified surgeon here at Nebraska Spine Hospital.

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