NSH recognized fro reducing healthcare associated infections

NSH Nurses Lead the Way to Reduce Healthcare Associated Infections

Nebraska Spine Hospital is proud to be recognized for a sustained commitment to reducing Healthcare Associated Infections by three healthcare quality organizations in Nebraska. The recognizing organizations are the Nebraska Association of Healthcare Associated Infection Prevention, the Quality Improvement Organization CMS, and CIMRO of Nebraska.

For the past three years NSH has voluntarily participated in this publicly reported program under the leadership of Jamie Eickman,

Nebraska Spine Hospital celebrates Nurses Week

Nurses Week – May 6 -12

To celebrate Nurses Week and to honor the dedicated nursing team at Nebraska Spine Hospital we will be highlighting our nurses all week on the blog and on social media.

National Nurses Week Recognizes Nurses’ Leadership, May 6-12

Patients often recognize that a nurse is the health care professional with whom they and their families have the most direct contact.

Meet Dr. Fuller

The next video in our series features Dr. Jonathan Fuller, a board certified and fellowship trained orthopaedic spine surgeon who sees clinic in Omaha, Grand Island and Lexington.

Dr. Fuller is a US Air Force veteran who focuses on the full continuum of conservative spine care.

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Meet Dr. Eric Phillips

The next video in our series features Dr. Eric Phillips, a board certified and fellowship trained orthopaedic spine surgeon. Take a look at the video to learn how his training as an engineer inspires his surgical practice and his unique views on a conservative approach to treating back pain.

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Herniated Disc Surgery

Cervical discectomy procedures are performed to relieve the pressure on nerves from a herniated disc. A disc herniates when the outer portion of the disc ruptures and some of the softer disc nucleus material squeezes out. The herniated disc pushes against the spinal cord or spinal nerves and causes pain in the neck or arms.